Chronicles of the Wayward Moot

WELCOME TO THE MOOT, oh world-wanderers and word-whisperers. After two years of Peace Corps. After 2,200 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. What. Comes. Next?


Alrighty, here we find ourselves in Pedro Vicente, the second leg of the tech/cultural trip.

The Mini was seemingly owned by an employee of the ecolodge. Very cool little car. Hate to have to drive it in the rainy season. OH WAIT, it IS the rainy season. The next pic is of a group of us on the side of a hill on the integrated farm/tropical steamroom/biting insect breeding ground. We´re learning how to construct infiltration ditches to reduce erosion on steep slopes and conserve soil. One of the main sustainable agriculture trainers is from Texas and has a completely unique Spanish all his own. At least he spoke in English for the training. To him, "soil" is pronounced "soul." Thus, it´s hard not to crack up when he tells us that it´s optimal to have some sand and organic matter mixed in with our soul in order to promote healthy growth. WTF.

The weird plants that look like something out of one of those MYST computer games are known locally as "microfonos" for obvious reasons. Very colorful. I tried to sing into one but the only thing it amplified was my coughing.

Finally, another charming group pic. We´re so hot. I mean literally we were hot, sweaty, and grimy. Niiiice.


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