Chronicles of the Wayward Moot

WELCOME TO THE MOOT, oh world-wanderers and word-whisperers. After two years of Peace Corps. After 2,200 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. What. Comes. Next?


One of the many beautiful and winding ways that meander through my site. This one, as I think I've shown you before, heads up to the municipal swimming pool. Still have yet to test the waters there. Been busy.

This is one of the newly renovated parts of the historical town center. The streets were redone in interlocking colored bricks. They hung new ironwork lamps from the balconies. It's really awesome. I took this pic this morning before catching a Ranchera East to visit:

This 300 foot waterfall. I couldn't get it all in one shot. Sorry. Truth be told, this one is directly above another one that's about half as tall and equally beautifull, but since it takes me eons ot upload pictures you only get to see this one.

Pic of me with the the local guide who led us out there to the waterfall. I'm the bigg hairy ape thing on the right off in the distance. He's the same guy who has the pet Toucan (saw him today as well, doing fine he is, very plucky). From the end of the road where we got off the truck it took us maybe two and a half hours to drag ourselves up there. Note to self: Don't EVER try to go to the waterfalls without a sharp machete and a desire to climb seventy degree slopes for a couple of hours. ( We saw a strange line of smooshed grass running down a slope on the other side of the valley. When we got closer we could see that there was a dead cow at the bottom of the slope. It had slipped and rolled about five hundred feet down before it came to a stop next to a river. The buzzards weren´t complaining, that's for sure. The photo I took of the trail is really kind of neat. I'll try to post it next time.


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