Chronicles of the Wayward Moot

WELCOME TO THE MOOT, oh world-wanderers and word-whisperers. After two years of Peace Corps. After 2,200 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. What. Comes. Next?


Mt. Thielsen, the lightning rod of the cascades from Crater Rim Drive.

Nude sun-reverence pose on the jumping clifff near Cleetwood Cove.

Coco's sister taking the plunge in the now much colder waters.

Passing up the chance to swim again in Crater Lake is one thing. Passing up the chance to skinny dip in Crater Lake is something else entirely. The first mistake is understandable, the second - inexcusable. This must have been October 23rd or so.

Gotta cup the junk, don't want to lose the special berries in an arctic water impact!


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