Chronicles of the Wayward Moot

WELCOME TO THE MOOT, oh world-wanderers and word-whisperers. After two years of Peace Corps. After 2,200 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. What. Comes. Next?


BEND it like Bobcat

One night ago I had a taste of what Newsweek might have called "the good life."  I roll my eyes but the sheer pleasure of hot water in cold air is not one I'm quick to deny.  Picture a large, glistening new home perched high on Awbrey Butte, an extinct volcano brooding over the city of Bend in the high desert of central Oregon.  Picture cathedral ceilings over a plush carpeted living room bathed in warm light bringing out the earthy aesthetic of dark woods and stone finishes.  Picture an expansive wooden deck leading out from sliding doors which open to a yard dusted in fresh snow.  Pawprints dot the whiteness like musical notes and speak of a canine's evening romp away from the warmth of the home.  On the deck's southern end stands the new hot tub brimming with 109 degrees of swirling therapeutic water.  It's not the mineral waters of Drakesbad or the travertine magnificence of Umpqua, but it suffices for a guy just getting used to his home for the next few weeks.  A glass of wine in hand, I let the thoughts bob and dawdle in my head, then let them go.  Relaxation surrounds me.

I think I'll go out and soak again tonight.  Now where's that glass gone off to?


Blogger Kyle said...

I'll be there tomorrow with hookers and blow.

12:08 am  

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