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A Vision in Focus?

A photographic image is a story told to your eyes, via your sense of sight. You can create one in your mind as well - the difference is simply that the experience of that visual story is only internal, whereas with a print or on a screen the image occurs out in the physical world where it can be apprehended and experienced through the eyes of others, thus shared.

In both instances, focus is a fundamental quality. If the image is in focus, the subject can be clearly outlined and its features readily distinguishable. The boundary between the subject and the surrounding space will appear sharply visible. The what it is and the what it is NOT are identifiable and distinct. If the subject is out of focus, the image or vision is unclear, undistinguished, and lacking specific qualities of form even if generalities of color and texture are present.

Now I believe that this way of perceiving images can be applied to one's life and goals as well. Someone may have a clear vision in mind of who they want to be, what they want to accomplish, and the intermediate goals and steps along the way to getting there. This is a vision in focus. Others may have an image that is less defined, existing at times in a sense of color or texture but not with a clearly imagined form. They possess a sense of what they'd like their life to feel like, but do not yet have a sharp focus on the specifics of how to arrange and create such a life.

In my own years of creating images both internal and external, many of which are proudly shown on this site, I have found myself more often having an image of life that is out of focus. There is a sense of what appeals to me and what does not, and I naturally aim to involve myself with what is appealing, but without a focused vision or image of where I want to be and what I want to be doing, the intermediate goals and steps that could make such a vision possible don't come into play and I'm left grasping for direction to who-knows-where.

I think it's time to change this pattern. Goals both short and long-term are vitally helpful for developing a sense of fulfillment and direction. Goals are challenges to oneself and without them, creating a clear image or vision that is in focus and that inspires us to grow and achieve is extremely difficult.

Plenty of people have a great eye for photography, but not just like me. Plenty of people can craft an engaging image or story with words, but not just like me. Plenty of people can travel and adventure and get into the thick of unusual circumstances, but not just like me. There's a unique asset that I can leverage to better myself : Myself!

"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken." - Oscar Wilde
I ask and encourage everyone reading this to shoot me a line and follow up with me on how my vision is coming into focus. What steps am I taking to move towards achieving a goal? What are my goals? Where am I and where do I want to be, literally and figuratively? YOU can be a positive part of a beneficial change!

All comments are welcome. More to come soon from the Moot.

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